Help with bookmark feature, stuck!

Hello! I built out a bookmark feature for my database setup but can’t figure out how to connect it with multiple bubble tables…?

I have a “bookmarks” field type under User which is a list of “new brands” and it works great for one of my single tables “new brands” and then on my sub-menu there is a section called “My list” and there is a table on that page that has a data source of “new brands” and pulls in those bookmarks.

My problem is I have about 30 different categories/pages (financial, retail, food & beverage, fitness) with a table on each of those pages and I want to be able to bookmark on all tables across my app and have them all point to “My list” however the “my list” table that pulls them in can only have one data source, which is currently “new brands”… is there a way to solve this so I can have the bookmark feature pull in saved items across all ~30 tables?

Here are some screenshots;

I appreciate any guidance here :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, you have many different datatypes that you want to bookmark, is that right? If so, you can create a bookmark datatype. This datatype would have a field for each kind of datatype that a user can bookmark. For example, a new brand field, a financial field, a retail field, etc. When a user bookmarks something, you create a new bookmark datatype and save that thing to the field it belongs to. Then, in the My Lists RG you can search for bookmarks created by that user.

Having said that, I wonder if your categories (financial, retail, brands, etc) really need their own datatype in the first place. Likely not but I can’t say without knowing the context

I was going to suggest the same, it sounds like “category” could just be a field on a single datatype, populated by an option group with all your category names, but hard to be certain.

Given this would be a new datatype, how would it point to the current user to ensure each current user only sees their specific bookmarks?

created by = current user

But you should also create privacy rules as well

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