How to make a bookmark system?

I want my users be able to bookmark a post and only then it should be displayed on their profile page under bookmark system. How to go bout it

I think there are multiple ways to achieve this.
One could be to add a “Post” list to your user data definition, let’s call it “BookmarkedPosts”.
When a user click on the bookmark button of a post, you simply add the post to the “BookmarkedPosts” of the user.
Then on the profile page of the user, you display the bookmarks in a repeating group with the data source as the “BookmarkedPosts”.

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But if I do that then everytime any user will click on save bookmark button then there will be a bookmark created which will be shown in each and every user’s profile. Is’nt it ?

Put constraints to only return bookmarks created by the current user.

Okay, so I tried your method. Although it works perfectly but there is a small issue with my app. Wel,l I want my users to be able to click the title of the post and then be taken to a page where the users will see the post in a detailed manner.
The page where the user will be shown the post has the type “post” and thus when I try sending the data from my user profile to this page there is an error as the display page has different type content i.e. “Post” but the data being sent is of different nature i.e. “User”.

How could I overcome this problem ?


If have a repeating group of Posts, you would change the ‘Data to send’ when the Title is Clicked, to be “Current cell’s Post” instead of “Current User” or “Current Page User” Since you want the clicked on Post’s data to be sent to the detailed Post page, that should do it!

The detail_post is the page where the posts are displayed and in the data to send i can’t find current cell’s post. What’s wrong ?

Ohh, I thought that you had a repeating group of Posts that Users could bookmark. I might be misunderstanding the page’s setup - can you share a link to the editor?

yeah sure. I do have a repeating group.

In the saved post section you will find the repeating group for displaying the post title.

Ok cool :slight_smile: For the repeating group of saved posts (contents), I just changed the type of content from User to “content” and then the data source is “Current User’s userbookmarks” (this will display the list of the Current Page User’s bookmarks, which is a list of contents).

When the content’s title is clicked, the page goes to the post_detail page, with the data to send being “Current cell’s content”.

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Thanks al ot man. Just one more thing, When the posts are displayed they are displayed as below :

Whereas I want the posts to be displayed one in a cell. That is the repeating cell should only display one post name. Can something be done here ?

No problem at all :slight_smile: Is that the saved posts repeating group? It should only display the title once, unless there are two posts with the same title?

Well, I mean that the saved post repeating group should show only one name in one cell of the repeating group. As of now it’s showing all the names in one cell.

Hmm, I see that the title is in each cell:

Are you trying to add a separator between the cells? If so you can do:

No no. Not the separator.

You see in the picture above the names are in a separate cell. One cell contains only one title. But in the saved post repeating group they are coming next to each other.

Which User were you logged in as when you took this screenshot?

Ah, my apologies, I thought I had changed the text of the repeating group when changing the repeating group’s type of content. I just changed the dynamic data to be the post’s title (previously it was displaying data related to the Current Page User which was repeating). Everything should display correctly now. :slight_smile:

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It works fine. Thanks a lot man.:smile:

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No problem! :sweat_smile: