Help with Bubble Stripe plugin: deleting user

I’ve got in a real mess with the Bubble Stripe plugin. In an attempt to fix a error early between Stripe and one of my users I deleting the user from my Stripe account in the hope that when the user tried to complete my subscription workflow again Bubble would create a new Stripe customer. However, now Stripe is throwing an error because Bubble is trying to add a subscription to an existing user, one that now doesn’t exist.

While it doesn’t help the present situation, it may be worth migrating to @copilot’s Stripe.js plugin, since the stripe_customer_ID reference is not directly saved as part of a User.

For this case, the most likely viable fix I see is to create a new User and reassign any data to that user, as your system permits.

For the Bubble plugin, given how it’s set up, I can see why they may not want to allow for deleting a customer. If you find another solution, please post back.