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Remove Stripe Customer ID - Stripe Plugin by Bubble

I messed up and deleted a customer in stripe and now the associated user in Bubble has an invalid customer ID and I can’t figure out how to delete or replace it. When I try to run a charge or collect CC info I get this error: “Stripe error: No such customer: ‘cus_JqpXVEYTXXXXX’”

How do I clear/reset the customer ID field so I can continue using this user account? Deleting and recreating the user account is absolutely not an option.

Any ideas?

Having the same issue here!

answer above has details from stripe side on what actually happens in a delete ( its a soft-delete)…
over in stripe, the delete was a “soft delete” meaning a flag was applied and the orig. UUID will still exist. Its possible that stripe has capability to reverse the value of the flag implementing the soft delete??

In my case this is just an issue in testing, I wouldn’t be deleting live users. For testing though, it would be handy to be able to update a customer’s Stripe ID in Bubble. The workaround has been to create a new user in Bubble. It works but a little more inconvenient.