Remove Stripe Customer ID - Stripe Plugin by Bubble

I messed up and deleted a customer in stripe and now the associated user in Bubble has an invalid customer ID and I can’t figure out how to delete or replace it. When I try to run a charge or collect CC info I get this error: “Stripe error: No such customer: ‘cus_JqpXVEYTXXXXX’”

How do I clear/reset the customer ID field so I can continue using this user account? Deleting and recreating the user account is absolutely not an option.

Any ideas?


Having the same issue here!

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answer above has details from stripe side on what actually happens in a delete ( its a soft-delete)…
over in stripe, the delete was a “soft delete” meaning a flag was applied and the orig. UUID will still exist. Its possible that stripe has capability to reverse the value of the flag implementing the soft delete??

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In my case this is just an issue in testing, I wouldn’t be deleting live users. For testing though, it would be handy to be able to update a customer’s Stripe ID in Bubble. The workaround has been to create a new user in Bubble. It works but a little more inconvenient.


I find this to be pretty unacceptable of a behavior. What happens if the stripe user is accidently deleted on the live side? Do I force my user to create an entirely new account? It’s ridiculous.


Is there any solution to this problem ? As mentionned above, having to recreate completly a user profil is out of question.
Thank you in advance

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As far as I’m aware. No. Bubble support might be able to fix it manually for you if you reach out with the relevant data.

Yeah, this is really frustrating. I ended up having to use stripe.js to create a ‘legacy subscription’ workaround for migrating people off another platform. I don’t see a reason why they can’t implement a customer and subscription retrieval/update call but still leave it hidden for security and compliance.


Still no way to reset the Stripe customer ID. This is quite worrying.

Experiencing too. Anyone found a solution?

I took a few days and built my own integration with my stripe account via the API connector and could not possibly be happier with that decision. Might seem a bit daunting, but stripe has an incredibly well documented API so it was not nearly as hard as I had anticipated.

Now I have full control of what data get’s stored on the Bubble side, where it gets stored, and if I want to delete/remove it (without having to delete and entire user for no reason).

The Bubble stripe app is ok for simple B2C apps, but it’s under supported, lacks core features, and is too restrictive (the stripe customer ID being locked down is case in point). If you’re building a serious business, particularly if you’re building a B2B app where billing should be tired to a company object rather than a specific user, then the Bubble stripe app just isn’t made for you.


Maybe you should create a (free or paid) plugin for that. :grinning:

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I’ve been slowly coming to the same conclusion here. I have used the stripe plugin for getting myself up and running, but it’s way too simplistic to be viable for a lot of business models.

Thanks for confirming that this is not a crazy thing to do :slight_smile:


So worth it. Gave us a lot of control over how we handle subscriptions and pricing in our app.

You would likely run into different issues since the way you need to handle stripe is unique from how we need to do it.

The structure of subscriptions, pricing, and transactions is unique to every Saas. There is a reason Stripe has an API rather than just having a widget you throw into your application.

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It’s April, 2023, and the same problem is still here. Bubble, please, allow developers to update Stripe Customer Id. It’s useful when the customer is deleted on Stripe or if you simply migrate to a new Stripe account…


I take it there is still no way to update the stripe customer id? Has anyone found a way around this other than Creating a new bubble user and transferring over all that data?

I am facing the same problem