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Remove Stripe Customer ID - Stripe Plugin by Bubble

I messed up and deleted a customer in stripe and now the associated user in Bubble has an invalid customer ID and I can’t figure out how to delete or replace it. When I try to run a charge or collect CC info I get this error: “Stripe error: No such customer: ‘cus_JqpXVEYTXXXXX’”

How do I clear/reset the customer ID field so I can continue using this user account? Deleting and recreating the user account is absolutely not an option.

Any ideas?

Having the same issue here!

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answer above has details from stripe side on what actually happens in a delete ( its a soft-delete)…
over in stripe, the delete was a “soft delete” meaning a flag was applied and the orig. UUID will still exist. Its possible that stripe has capability to reverse the value of the flag implementing the soft delete??

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In my case this is just an issue in testing, I wouldn’t be deleting live users. For testing though, it would be handy to be able to update a customer’s Stripe ID in Bubble. The workaround has been to create a new user in Bubble. It works but a little more inconvenient.

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I find this to be pretty unacceptable of a behavior. What happens if the stripe user is accidently deleted on the live side? Do I force my user to create an entirely new account? It’s ridiculous.