Help with building database fantasy league

I want to build a fantasy football league or something alike,

Each week, the user selects a group of 15 players. Then, these players, once the week’s matches end, receive certain points according to certain rules (e.g. +1 point if the player scored a goal, etc.). These points are then accumulated for each player, whom are then ranked according to their total points.

Basically this is the hierarchy of the data:
UserWeekPlayersPoint rules

My idea would be a Bubble table with the columns User, Week, Players, (various) Point Rules. Each week, 15 new rows are created for each user (or maybe these rows are immediately created at the time the users signs in). The user selects the 15 players (one per row), and the point rules points are calculated automatically for each player through an API.

What do you think? Is this idea scalable or is there any other way to deal with this problem?

Yes, this looks scalable!
I would suggest taking another look at the DB structure after testing how the APIs work with your initial Bubble workflows. The structure of data returned by the API may affect the way you store data on the DB (to streamline how you store the API data on the DB).

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