Help with Calendar

I have an app with the full calendar plugin that displays peoples appointments, but even if the appointment is in the evening, it displays the time as am, even when looking at the calendar on weekview it will show it in the right spot say 22:00 but then it will say on the event 10:00a. Any idea why?

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Interesting. Looks like a bug - I’d file a bug report (

Reviving this thread before I file myself now… Anyone know why this is happening or how to fix? Date/time is being saved properly, can display it back in a text just fine. I don’t think it’s the value. The calendar might have something going on.

Easy fix, thanks to @neerja for helping me find this:

You can fix this by going to app settings > language > language fields at the bottom of the page > replace ‘a’ such as in ‘h:mma’ with ‘t’ so it picks am or pm depending on the time.

Hi All,

Has anyone figured out how to change the times shown on calendar from 24hr format to 12hr format?

Thanks in advance!