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Help with checking user input against list of things

Bubble is so cool! I can’t wait to get competent using it. I’ve done all of the tutorials and read through the documentation in the past 2 days, and I am still having difficulty achieving a this workflow for my application.

I’d like to check a user’s input against a list of numerical things I’ve created. If the thing exists in that list, I’d like for the user to be redirected to the sign up page. If the thing doesn’t exist, I’d like for the user to be redirected to a mailing list sign up page.

I’ve sketched out a simple workflow to hopefully illustrate my goal better.

I think it’s better to dive into bubbling and then go step by step.
Here, with abstract example only, it’s very difficult to understand what is already done and where you’re stuck.
Just my opinion.

Hi AnFlare, thanks for the reply!

I appreciate the advice - I totally agree with you!

Maybe this pen better describes what I’m looking to do