Check input from data please help

Please guys i need just one simple thing

i create a little table of data ( user name / user code)

its me who create this data

now i created 2 input “name” and “code”

i want to when you put a name and code / input name go check on data if its valide and also for the code to have go to the 2 page



Validate with what?
If you want to check if there is a record with the same code and name then you just need to “do a search for” and add as constraints that code must be equal to the relative input value and name must be equal to the relative input value. If the resulting search count is > 0 then you have a record in the database.

thank’s for the answer, like in the pictures i want for exemple when you insert in the inputs " didi " and in the code “1994” so you can go to another page, i think you understand me but how i do " do a search for " i think its the right solution but sorry im a beginner if you can help me i will not forget that

its like when you log in, if its the right code and name you can go to the next page if not i will do alert " i know how to do alert " but to to check the inputs with the data i dont know how

To do what you are saying in your last post a basic example would be:

  • create a workflow “when user is logged in”
  • add an action “go to page” with a condition “do search for - count > 0”
  • add an action “show message” (if you have an alert, or any other logic to show your message) with a condition “do search for - count <= 0”

keep the two searches exactly the same (with the same constraints) and bubble will automatically search only once.

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