Search a thing for a value matching a user input, and if a match is found, assign that thing to the user?

Hey there, I’m trying to build a sort of verification system for my users and I’m really struggling with the workflow to make it work. I’m hoping someone can help point me in the right direction.

(For context, my app is for political campaigns. I want to provide users with verification codes to prove they are the candidate they say they are. So if a user enters a verification code that is assigned to a Candidate (thing), that Candidate is added to the User’s List of Candidates (list of things), thereby verifying that user is the candidate they claim they are)

Ideally, something like this happens:

  • WHEN User hits submit button & their verification code Input is found in the Candidate’s verification code field
  • Add the Candidate(thing) that contains the matching Verification Code to that User’s List of Candidates

But I’m having trouble figuring out how to make that happen in Bubble. I almost need something that would be similar to VLOOKUP in excel.Find Row that Contains X and return Y from that row. Can anyone help me figure this out?


Hi @mdavirro52,
In the workflow you could first try to find the row that Contains X with “Make changes to a thing” action (and not make any changes to that thing but only use it for lookup) and then use it in the next step as “Result of step 1”.

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Thanks Alan. That was a great suggestion and helped me understand how Bubble can do a “lookup” with a Make Changes to Thing action. My workflow now successfully looks up the row based on the input and returns the corresponding thing, and adds that things to the users list. Cheers!!!

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