Help with constraints

Hello, I’d like to display in a schedule only those users who have the “administrator” and “monitor” roles, and not the rest. I’ve tried to do this but it doesn’t work! Does anyone have a solution for setting “role = administrator AND monitor”? Thanks !

Use :merged with (Do a search = moniteur:merged with Do a serch = administrateur)

If that’s what you’re asking just use the constraints:

Role contains adminisytrator
Role contains monitor

(or course, that assumes your role field is a list - otherwise it would be impossible for a User to have both the roles of Administrator AND Monitor).

Although i suspect you’re actually asking how to display users who have the role administrator OR monitor?

In which case do what @Jici suggests…

Thanks for your help guys. I tried to do this but it gives me this :confused:


The option is not available :confused: And yes, I want to display the “monitor” and “administrator” employees in a schedule. Each employee has only one role of course, not both at the same time.

So you ned to merge the two searches (as @Jici says)

in your case :merged with operator should be used in data source, not in constraints:

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 18.38.46

Thx guys it worked !

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