Help with database set up

Hello! I am new to Bubble and I am currently building a simple application for my subscription business. I have a few clients that I provide leads to each week and currently run this out of Airtable. I am building a platform in Bubble where my clients can login in and view the “new leads” each week and view previous leads in a categories section broken out by industry.

With that, I have roughly 100 new leads each week broken out by: Brand name, Contact name, Contact title, Contact title and Contact email.

The database currently has around 1,200 total records (brands) and will continue to grow by 100 or so each week.

I would like this data to sync to the Bubble table feature and looking for the best way to set this up knowing that the list will become increasingly bigger over time.

I tried creating an API with Sheety, but the table kept pulling in all of the brand names into one cell. I will have roughly 25 categories and need to sync data to each category.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

You can connect your Airtable DB to Bubble using APIs or if needed, plugins (beware!).

However, the subject of your post, to help with DB setup, really requires me to warn that syncing DBs is a royal pain and unless there’s a critical business reason for using airtable I’d just use Bubble’s DB which will save you all this hassle.

This is super helpful, thank you! I would love to reduce and not be dependent on another service like Airtable so will work on building the DB internally.

Follow up question, would the best approach from a data management perspective be to create “new views” in the DB for each industry (financial services, retail, fitness, etc) and upload an updated CSV each week of the new leads?

I am trying to figure out the best way to update each category with the new leads on a weekly basis to be most efficient and ensure clients are viewing the most up to date information.

Any guidance here is super appreciated!

Where are you getting the leads from? Why use a csv and not retrieve them directly into Bubble?

The simplest would be to show all leads that have been modified in the time period you want OR that have been modified since user last logged in.

How would I retrieve them directly into bubble?

I use various sales enablement platforms or find the data manually.

I assume your second response becomes effective if I have the data flowing directly into Bubble where I can then set the parameters you specified?..

You can export from such platforms using a API; when you manually find it you can make a admin page to save it directly into Bubble or use a CSV etc.

Depending on what you mean by manual data you can create a Zap in the browser that you can click on when on a webpage and send it directly to Bubble.

Absolutely Not. However you get the data into Bubble, your DB layout should be created in a way that such parameters are easy to filter or sort the leads records by. If that’s not the case, the DB table should be deleted and start redoing it.