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Help with displaying search results


Been going in circles with Bubble from the start. The tutorials were ‘fine’ and easy enough to understand, but when putting those things to actual use, things don’t always go to plan. I’m attempting to display search results from a database that matches the users input. For example, searching by name “Steve” in an input box or search box should find the name “Steve” or all inclusions with “Steve” within it (like Stevens, Steven-Meyers, etc) and then place it into the repeating group that has text boxes located within the first cell that will return “Current cell’s Directory’s First Name” last name, phone number, etc (the entire line of the database where “Steve” was found).

The repeating group has Type of content as “Directory” which is the correct database.

Data source has “Search for Directorys > Type: Directory > Add new constraint > Any field contains SearchBox A’s typed text” as the logic. Only thing else is the result is sorted by first name and I selected “ignore empty constraints”.

Now according to the tutorial (and the tutorial followed here, here, and here. When a search term is entered, it should return the result in the repeating group, floating group, whatever the tutorials ask for. This doesn’t happen. Nothing shows. Pressing enter, adding icons, adding buttons, nothing produces results. I go back to the actual Bubble tutorial app, and it works just fine.

Not sure where I’m going wrong here.

Have you checked the privacy rules for the Directory datatype? That’s usually the first place to look when data isn’t showing as expected…

Yep, I have all databases set to public right now. I can show the database entries in the floating group, but utilizing the search feature either by typing and hitting enter or typing and hitting the search icon (as done in the 2nd youtube link above), the entire list just goes blank when there should be matches for the search string.

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