Help with engagement for

Hi all,

I’ve just launched my latest site. I am driving traffic to the site quite successfully, but getting zero engagement once people get there (I am using MS Clarity).

I would really appreciate any feedback people could offer to help me encourage people to create a free profile. I am most definitely not a Designer, and I appreciate the layout may be rubbish, but I have tried to keep it simple.

Edit: Given the broadness of the idea, I have now adjusted it to be movie centric (given that’s my passion). I have amended marketing accordingly. I will make further adjustments after Xmas to provide more value around the subject of movies in general. Still, if anyone has any suggestions around increasing sign ups that would be most welcome.


Much gratitude in advance if anyone has any pointers.

Hi there, @andmilne… while I am definitely not your target audience for plenty of reasons that don’t matter, a thought did come to mind when I looked at your site, so I will throw it out there as food for thought.

It might be cool if you could put in what you are looking for on the homepage and have it return the number of people in your area who are looking for the same thing. I mean, I might consider creating a profile if I could see that there are, say, a dozen people in my area looking for someone to go to the movies with.

Anyway, just something to think about, and I hope it helps.


Thanks. Great idea. I did consider it as well. Only issue is there are no users at the moment, so I would be misleading people if I faked it, or would have to put up 0 users if I implemented the function right now.

Ah, and therein lies your real problem… it’s a chicken and egg thing, and that is likely why nobody is creating a profile.