Please Suggest Ideas To Add To A Community

I want to make my community as engaging as possible. I wanna have the users interact with each other. I have set up a popup that allows users to check out other’s profile & connect with them on LinkedIn.

How can I make it more engaging? Please share some ideas & examples

Anybody? Somebody? Nobody?

What is your community? What is your platform allow them to do?

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I used to run a pretty active community on Facebook. Here’s a tip: it starts and ends with you, at least at the beginning.

If you want to have an engaged community, lead the way. Get in there and post consistently; comment on every single post that others make; make people feel welcome; give people a reason to spend their time there.

You won’t solve this problem with a popup or some technical feature to boost engagement. People don’t really care about that stuff. People spend time in communities to solve some sort of problem they’re having and/or to connect with others.

It will take time, but if you’re consistent with it, eventually others will join into the conversation. Then, once you have an engaged community, you can start playing around with features that might boost your engagement metrics a bit. But don’t put the cart before the horse in the beginning.

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