Help with Making changes to a thing

i am testing a reservation centrer, i have created 3 data sets, 1 for client info 2 for vehicle info and 3 for the reservation info, they are tied using the system gererated unique id, what i am trying to do is update a reservation to a different vehicle selected but the make changes to a thign gives me errors,
can some one tell me whats wrong ?

What is “Vehicle Key” on the database set to ?

It sounds like you have a text input field on the page and you are trying to set the field to that, when it is not a text.

Hello Nigel,

thank you for your repply, here is a screen shot of the database set up so you can see, i am attachig aswell the link to the test site.

I think Nigel nailed it. You are trying to add a text input to a field that is looking for a Vehicle List record.

Try using a search field or dropdown with dynamic choices drawn from the Vehicle List and you should be good.

Hello Eli, Nigel

Thank you both for you imput, i managed to get this working thanks to you


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