Help on make change to things

Hi , i need some help in my workflow
i have 2 input which is student id and topup amount
and also a button
so my idea is when i click on button,it will change that student balance account.
so on things to change i put" search for student:first item"
and below that i put "student balance = this student’s student balance + topup amount,
there is no wrong but this does not updated that particular student balance
can someone help me pls

Looks like you’re not referring to the right student

-In the “Make changes to things” window, select for “Thing to change” - Do a search for the table with the studentID
-Then “add a new constraint” and say studentID = input studentID
-Then select the first item of the search

That should do the trick

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wow thanks alot man,i almost give up because i already trying to solve it for 2 hours haha ,do you know any tutorial that i can learn?
and what does first item mean

You’re welcome!

If you use the Search for function, it returns a list of all the items in a table. So first:item returns the first:item (selected on creation date). If you however give a constraint with a unique value, the search only returns 1 item and the first:item is the item you would like to have.

thank you,
i have one more problem,after i update that particular student balance, i want to create a new data in my topup table
so in the next action i create a new “Topup” and when i type "student_id =input student id value , its say " create a new value topup should be Student but right now it is a number "
in my database topup table ,i create student_id but type Student,because it is foreign key,how to solve this
can u help me