Help with map/gps feature on my app

Hi everybody,

I’m Orazio and I’m looking for help from an expert bubble freelancer:

With the help of a good freelancer (unfortunately can’t help with this request)

we’ve built a fully working and functional app that need to find the precise position of the user and show a list of service provider around him, we have 2 methods in place right now:

  1. The user allows us to use his position straight from the browser popup (best option)

  2. If the user doesn’t do so he can click on a button “find my location” that will find his address from the IP code (not reliable at all)

Now 95 times out of 100 the user does not give consent to use their location immediately once they arrive on the site via the browser popup, cause they don’t know the site and they don’t trust it initially.

From videos of real user’s test it appears that after not allowing the use of their location from the browser popup, they take a look at the site, evaluate that it is reliable and then click on “find my location” which is the backup solution (method 2) that 100% of the times gives them a position far from where they are, at that point the 95% of the users when this happen leave the site, without calling our service providers.

In this forum post (Ask permission for location on page load?) they talk about a possible solution that would be perfect for my situation, so prompt back the “allow position” browser popup by clicking on a button.

So I’m looking for a professional that can help me in doing so, of course contact me if you think you can help.

Thank you!

P.s.: Here’s a gif taken from the before mentioned post that shows how I’d like it to work

Hi Orazio,
What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be happy to help you out on this.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

Since almost all users does not allow geo tracking before checking the app, could a simple solution be to not ask them for it initially. But instead, have a button omnipresent that encourage them to kick it off when comfortable?

Yes Peter you’re totally right!

I’ve already a button “Find my position” on the home page that is connected with a workflow that try to locate the user using the IP (is a backup solution and totally inaccurate) .

I can use the same button, but with a different worflow to prompt back the browser popup.

But the issue is that I don’t know how technically make it works to ask the browser to prompt back the “Allow position” popup :sweat_smile:

If you have any suggestion or if you can help in doing so I’ll appreciate!

What I mean is to stop the initial prompt from appearing (aka not ask to track or use location data) so that when you later ask to track the prompt will show.

Thank you for the explanation, I’ve understood what you’re saying.

The initial prompt comes up by default cause the browser recognize some element on the page (page or geo request).

Now my goal is to keep the initial one, in addition I’d need to prompt the popup back by clicking on a button. Do you know how to do it?

Sorry, not if you cannot simply hide the elements causing the prompt. Or possibly remove the Google Maps API keys from the Bubble settings.

Thank you anyway!