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Help with nested query

I have a repeating group that’s showing data it shouldn’t be. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong with my query but maybe I’m missing something.

Here’s my data model:


  • EmailAddress
  • Other details (not relevant)…


  • Participants
  • Other details (not relevant)…


  • User
  • Other details (not relevant)…

Here’s the test data I have in the Participants collection;

I’m testing while logged in as the user linked to the bottom record. Note the Invite Status of ‘Accepted’

Here’s my query for the repeating group:

As you can see I have 2 constraints on the participant, one of which is for the Invite Status to be ‘Invited’.

However the repeating group is coming up with data when it doesn’t match the Participants criteria (bottom record of first screenshot above) - it should be empty.

Have I missed something in terms of the way the query works?

This looks like it should be a lot simpler that it is coming across. Am a little confused :slightly_smiling:

What are you trying to show ? All Challenges that the current user has been invited to ?

It may be easier to do this from the bottom up, so search for Participant’s Challenges in your repeating group (the search data source doesn’t have to be the type of content, you just need to able to “get” to it - which you can).

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to show. The screenshots are just what I see when I click to progressively drill into the query.

Will see if I can do it the other way around.

I am a bit concerned about my understanding of how the search queries work though (or it possibly doesn’t work the way it should). I can’t see a logical problem with the way I’m doing it.

Ok, your solution is 100 times simpler, and works like a charm. Thanks! :slight_smile: