Repeating Group Data Source Issue

I have two data types: User and Contributor Data

Contributor Data has a field “user”, whose datatype is user

User has a field “Contributor Data”, whose datatype is Contributor Data

Now i am trying to create a repeating group where i have to show all users for whom the value of a field (contributor status) within the contributor data is having a certain value.
I created a repeating group as shown below:

However the repeating group is unable to fetch the list of users. IS there anything that i am doing wrong? is there any other way to achieve this?

Hey mahvid123,

have a look in the security settings. Maybe that’s where the problem is.

Otherwise you can look under data, whether in your example data, the references are correctly assigned.

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Sorted now. Thankyou so much. I had the data type with some privacy rules which led to the issue.