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So I am needing help here! I am currently working on a Community Management System for GTA 5 Roleplay communities. Essentially all you need to know in order to help me here is that every person who joins a community is assigned a “rank.”

Here is a picture of my option set for ranks:

As you can see, I have them all organized. It goes from top to bottom. The lowest rank on top, the highest on bottom.

Now, each user is also assigned a division. So, I am trying to organize based on that.

I have a repeating group that separates the divisions. That works fine. Now, I am trying to organize them into 3 distinct categories based on rank: Command, Supervisor, and Patrol Grade.

Once I solve one section, I can figure the rest out from there. But I can NOT for the life of me get them to separate. I want only Captain and Lieutenant to show up under Command, I tried to accomplish this by the following:

However, that is not what I get, I get nothing:

So, I tried to turn it around, just to see if I misunderstood:

and I got elsewhere:

Now, I get a Corporal in the list…

Can someone please help me understand how operating on option sets work!

I wanted to follow up on my own post.

I have just sent a bug report in, as I now believe it is a bug.

I widened the search range up to test some things, and well… here is what I found:

The black box is surrounding the editor window of selecting the Option Set “Ranks” - which I believe is how the option set is actually being evaluated, versus the order they are in under the Options Sets tab. You can see under Option Sets, Commissioner should not be appearing at all, as it way outside the range.

Might be a bug, I don’t know, but I’ve reported it…

Hi there, @afterthoughtsystem… if I understand your post correctly, you can achieve the desired result by using an advanced filter on your search, although, advanced filters are not the most efficient way to retrieve data. That being said, if I understand your setup correctly, it might not be so bad in this case, and it might actually be the only way to go unless you restructure some things.

Anyway, if you just want to see if it works, first, remove the rank constraints from your Search for Users. Next, click More… after Search for Users and select the :filtered option. Then, add a constraint to the filter, scroll to the bottom of the dropdown, and select Advanced…. Finally, construct the following filter: This User's Rank is Lieutenant or This User's Rank is Captain.

If you need to be able to use greater than and less than to define a category’s ranks, you would have to add another attribute to your option set that is a number and that orders the ranks because the option set doesn’t know that Captain is higher than Lieutenant just because that’s the way you have them ordered in the set (or at least I’m fairly certain that’s the case).

So, any of that make any sense? Hope it helps.


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I appreciate your response immensly.

I’m trying to avoid doing filtered as, from what I’ve read, it can cause slowdowns. The community I am making this for has about 100 user’s and growing.

I did create a “Number” field, but was unable to access it during this. Makes me wonder why bubble has a built in <, >, etc… if it’s not usable w/out a number field. I honestly don’t know.

Like you said, the best way to go might just be the advanced filtering, or merge individual searches (which is my current work-around until I find a solution). This is my first time honestly using Options Set so I am unsure if this is a bug, or if I just misunderstood how it is supposed to work.

Thanks again for your support and help,

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