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Project owner adds members, who can then sign up and see project

Hi everyone,

I just started building apps with bubble and I’m super excited and learning fast. Encountered one problem I wasn’t able to solve so far:

I have 2 User types; User Type 1 is ‘Agent’; User Type 2 is ‘Tenant’.

Agent signs up, creates a project including the email address of the Tenant.

I want that after the Agent created the project, the Tenant receives an invitation via email, can sign up and then sees the project incl details.

Thanks so much already,

You might want to use “Create an account for someone else” under Account actions and either send that user a password reset email as part of the invite or simply to a page that allows the user to update their credentials.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Thanks Gaby. How can I make sure the newly created user only sees the project he was added to when he/ she logs in?

Many thanks

Create a custom data type called Project to hold all project details. You could have 2 fields that are type user, one called Agent and one called Tenant.

Project (data type)

  • Agent (type user)
  • Tenant (type user)… this could also be a list of users if you plan on having multiple tenants per project

Create account for tenant > Create project: set tenant value to result of Step 1 > Send email to step 1’s email address

That way however you have your page set up, you can filter data by the project containing the user. You can also cross-reference by having a Project field (type project) under the User type. This would allow you to make database searches like “Current User’s Project”

Hope this helps.

Thanks again. Hmm I think I don’t understand how to tie the tenant email to the project once the tenant signs up. I put it all on one page

Do you see what I mean? Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it!

Ok, I did a bunch of things in there to make it work on a single page, but you can apply the same concept in your actual app.

Instead of creating an account for someone else, you can do it the following way:

Send an email to the tenant with a link to the page they sign up on and include the unique ID of the new project in the URL. Look at how it’s formatted in the Send Email action. I added “?project=uniqueID”. Project is the parameter key and uniqueID is the dynamic value which comes from the first step where its created.

So the tenant goes to this link which is your signup page with that data in the URL. Now look at the workflow for when the tenant signs up. After signup, we make a change to a project to add this tenant to it. How do we know which project? We grab it from the URL via “Get URL Parameter” (a dynamic data option), we define the parameter we want by the key, which in this case is “project” (I created that key in the send email action). You can have multiple parameters in a URL, so that’s why you also have to tell it which parameter. You could have a URL that looked like “

There are a few moving parts there, so study each workflow and let me know if you have any questions.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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Thanks so much for helping! I will give it a try and hopefully that is also helpful for other bubblers :slight_smile:

Hi, I have been implementing your workflows, great work Gaby!

One more question: Is it possible to have 2 separate project dashboards? one for the tenants, and one for the agents? is there a way to link the user type to the different dashboards, e.g. after signup users select a dropdown and get classified either as agent or tenant?

Thanks again, you made my day