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Adding user to existing thing

Hi, I’m still new to bubble.
How do I add a user to an existing thing i.e. an existing project or company.
I know I can make changes to things but I cant add the user to the existing thing.

Thanks Ray

Give the thing a field that is a list of users.
use the workflow “make changes to a thing- thing you are adding to- list add user”

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Let’s say it is a Project, so you want to create a list of people involved in that project. You can go to the database, create a new thing and call it Project (it will be at the same spot that the User thing is), then create a new field in the Project type of thing called “workers assigned” or something else you wish to call the people involved there, and at the data type of that field “workers assigned” you will set it as “a list of Users” instead of “text” or other field type. That will give you the ability to set as many Users as you wish inside that “workers assigned” field, which is a field inside the Project thing.

Then somewhere along your app you will make a workflow that will allow someone to make change to that, like clicking a button and putting himself on that project, or searching someone’s name and having the power to assign other people (Users) to that project.

Make sure you complete all the lessons so you know how to do this stuff! I highly recommend finishing them.

Thanks guys, I’m busy working through the training, videos and everything else that I can hold of.
In Company I’ve got a a list of user but no matter what I try in my workflows I can’t get to add a new user to a company.
Every time I add a new user it creates a new company in the Company thing.

I know I’m missing something simple.
Thanks for your help

Let me try and explain what I need to do.
I need to be an admin for several companies that will be using the app.
I must be able to select the company and then add new users, projects, etc. when requested.

Will it be better to create myself as an admin user for each company or will I be able to do it as per your suggestions?



so there are quite a few ways to do this. I would imagine you would prob want to let an admin of the company be the one to add new users so that not just anybody is joining. you prob want to create an admin page for this and have new user signups be able to request to be added to the company after they have already signed up. prob have a list of requests from users on the admin page using a repeating group showing the users and a button next to each called “add”.
then you can use a workflow of make changes to a thing- company- users add- current cells user.

In the meantime i built a sample app for you that adds the user to a chosen company during the sign up process. each time it adds a new user it logs them in so you must click logout to add another one. I know this isnt the process you want but it should give you a basic understanding of how this works!

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Thanks denverdave11. You are currently my hero.
I found my mistake. It was at making changes to a thing. I did not add the make changes to another field, I tried to do it directly in thing to change.
I have now gotten it right to do it with create an account for someone else so that the new user is not logged in.

Thanks for your help!!!