Help with RG Searching

Hello folk.

I would like some help on making search criteria.

I have 3 options in a drop-down, “Nominal”, “Vehicle VRM”, “Vehicle VIN”. Based on the selection in the dropdown, the criteria for the search will change.

Say for example I select Nominal (a person), in the search box I want to ideally be able to search for any part of a “nominal” so let’s say I type John. I click the “go” button, and I’m taken to “pnc_results” where I can then view all possible “nominals” with the name John.

However, say I wanted to type John Doe into the search box, the same would occur but all John Doe matches would display. Or… I’ll type John Doe 11/03/1994 and it will display matches and so on.

I’ve thought about making an “advanced” and “basic” search system, so one where I can simply type the users name and info will display on the next page, then a more complex system where I can search for identify features like DOB, Height but I’m not sure how to do this.

Help on either subject would be appreciated. Attached some images below.


Hey there @cliffwoodjames,

On your search box you can add a conditional I believe to change the data type it searches for, but if it doesn’t the other alternative is to create 3 search boxes on top of each other and have a specific one that appears based on the value of the dropdown menu.

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Hi yeah, I figured that much out, I’m not actually using a search box as to my knowledge that would display a little options box?

From there anyhow I want to transfer the data to the other page and then pass the criteria for searching. How would I do that?

Ah, you could 1) have a search button and when the user clicks the search button go to your separate page or 2) right click on the input or searchbox or whatever you have there then go to the page you’d like to go to on input value changed.