[Idea] Search Box 'Field to Search' Condition


I’d like to introduce a new idea to complement that which I believe is an already good tool; the search box.

I’ve come to find the search parameters to be quite restrictive if the user wants to perform a broader search across several data sets. For example, a User with a ‘First Name’ and ‘Son’s First Name’ data subsets. If one would want to query the word ‘John’, the search box would only allow this search to occur in one of the data subsets, either searching for it in ‘First Name’ or ‘Son’s First Name’.

I do understand the constrains inherent to the implementation of a global search tool, therefore my idea to work around this would be the use of a condition. I’ve created an example using Radio Buttons ( see http://bit.ly/2qmjGkZ ). My idea would be something like 'When RadioButton A’s value is ‘Person’ - Change Field to Search to X.

If by any chance, this has already been implemented, or there are any work-arounds which might have eluded me, please feel free to point these out for me, I’m very open to criticism on this.

Thank you for reading this, have a great day!

This plug-in might work for you.