MultiSelect Dropdown saves as separate items

Hey all,
When i use multiselect dropdown to save items, it saves them as a single item, I want to save them as separate items.

I.E R, Data science shouldn’t be stored with a comma, rather as singular items


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Hi there, @14rk45… can you show the workflow that sets that skills list and maybe the choices source for the multi dropdown? I assume you are using add list or set list, so I’m not sure how R and Data Science could end up as one item in the list. Were Python and Public Speaking selected in the same multi dropdown?


Hey Mike,

So i have two multi-select dropdowns technical,soft skills and both of them are going into the same Skills data-type.


And yes i am doing add list. Public Speaking and Python were added in separate runthroughs of the workflow

You’re using add, not add list, so your workflow is saving the value of your dropdown as a single item joined with a comma. If you use add list, you should get the desired result.


You’re a lifesaver Mike! Thank you :slight_smile:

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