Help with sending an email

Hi, when an icon is clicked the current user sends an email to the current Auftrag (offer) creator’s email. (see picture at the bottom)
But I don’t want to send it immediately. I want the email programme to open and “to” should already filled in with the current offer creator’s email. However, the email should not be sent yet.
Does somebody know how to do this?
Best wishes

Send email action means that Bubble will send the email on your behalf.

If you want the visitor to open its own email programme opening a new email window ready to be sent by the visitor himself, you should use a HTML link to include this kind of code: mailto:test@test?subject=subjet&body=Simple%20Content


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Thanks. Can I add html code to an icon?

Because I want the icon to link to the email provider.

This behaves like any URL. So design the icon as it would open any standard link.

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Thanks :smiley:

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