Setting up Call to Action to user's own mailbox


On the open part of my site (so, anyone can go here, more then just users) I want to setup a call to action button, which when is clicked by a visitor, opens up mail client of the visitor and automatically creates a new concept email with the subject and mail address where to send the email already filled out.

So, visitor clicks button:

  • Opens up mail (Office, Ios, or mobile)
  • Screen with concept email is opened, with subject and mailadress already filled out.

How can I do this, since the action “send Email” does not open the User’s inbox.

Any advice of how to set this up?


Use a link or a button to open an external page, and use a customised mailto: URI


That’s the solution, thanks for helping me out!

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When setting up the workflow, I can only use “external URL or website”… So, it doens’t open the Inbox and creates a new mail with the assigned subject.
Can you see what I am missing?05

Don’t put the whole link markup in the destination URL box. Just the URI (the part between quotes). Eg:’re+Cool


Great, thanks again! Not it works :slight_smile:

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