Price Filter customization


in the home-page I did an input element for searching about products, and I connected it to database parameters “query” and added a navigation page to search-results page “below capture”.

Now in the search page, it will show whatever you were looking for based on input element in the home page.

I want to add a filtering feature that filters all the results based on a certain criteria; Price.

So I added a dropdown menu and filled the choices and when it comes to the conditionals
I put when dropdown’s value is "$0 - $99 ", filter the products based on the search input, based on the chosen filter.

the When Statement looks good, however I got confused in completing the statement because it showing it in red color.

Ok I did it guys. What a silly mistake ;(

it turns out that I was configuring the dropdown element. I configured the repeating group conditionals and it worked!



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