Hey, Bubblers I just need a user/client to send scheduled SMS alert to themselves

Hi. My lead dev and I only have access to one editor. He’s West Coast. I’m East Coast US. The Bubble app needs to do this:

Enable the user/client to schedule an SMS to themselves at their selected time and date. We are testing Twilio at the moment. We are having an issue with world clock time and receiving the message at all.

It should be simple, but the schedule time needs a tweak we haven’t found yet. If anyone knows of a solution - please let me know. And better yet, if any knows of another API that has a js code example to get this done more easily - again, I’d appreciate the tip. And please don’t sell me anything. I’ve had enough of that. We’re testing right now. If it works as a solution. We’re in.

Can you just set the time you want to the SMS to get out to a variable and then setup the api to occasionally wake up and execute if the current time > scheduled time saved to variable?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. We’ve fixed it for Twilio send, but now have an issue of setting the alert workflow. It seems that if the users time is past the top of the military hour then it won’t allow a setting to occur before that hour even on a future date. No solutions yet on this though, but if I find it, I’ll post.