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Hidden elements do not collapse

We tried a lot and read the other forum posts, but cannot figure out why some elements on our page collapse and some do not. Some pages also look a lot longer than in the bubble editor.


Thanks a lot.

It’s difficult to say without seeing what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. Is it possible to share a link to the editor?

There must be something at the bottom of your page that stretches it or it might be because of elements not hiding.

Did you place the hidden elements in a group and set it to collapse height when hidden?

Have you checked that there are no other elements in the same page height as the element you want collapsed? If there is, the collapsing element won’t reduce the space that it takes on the page.

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@raymond @pnodseth Thanks for the replies.

Yes, we did check for hidden elements, there are none. How would I share access to the editor?

Yes, we have placed them in a group and set it to collapse height when hidden.

@leander.delaporte you will have to make your app public. You can mail me with a link if you don’t want to post it publicly on the forum.

Something must be interfering somewhere with your elements.