Hidden Repeating Group and Data Loading

If I place a repeating group on a page that’s hidden by default on page load? Will it search the database on page load or once it’s visible?

Please answer if you are 100% sure about it. Appreciate your response.

Once it’s visible you can use it. You can make it 1X1 pixel and place it at position x =-1 y=-1

You may consider using “full list” so all relevant results are loaded

Appreciate your response @jared.gibb. I need to clarify further as I didn’t state my question clearly.
I am creating a search page with multiple hidden repeating groups. The visibility of these groups will depend on the url parameters. I just don’t want the invisible groups to use system capacity by conducting a search when these are hidden.

So, will the hidden repeating group load data and use system capacity on page load?

ahh! sorry.

a ‘not visible’ group should not receive any data. this is why it may be nice sometimes when loading a single page app to keep all items below the fold hidden until they are revealed via scrolling. this can help reduce load times though reducing both loadings of data from the server and rendering the data client side.


Thanks Jared! Thats very helpful.

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