How to hide a repeating group when no more records to display

hey everyone,
I know, it can be quite a simple question, though:

I’ve got a repeating group Fixed number of cells 1 on 1. I have a button ‘Next’ (basically I am building Text splashscreens). So at the last record I want to change the button for ‘ok’ instead of ‘next’ and when a user hits it - hide the repeating group.

What would be the right approach?


rg’s splashtext_number_showing is rg’s list of splashtexts:count
Button text = ok

Do whatever you’re doing now > hide rg (only when
rg’s splashtext_number_showing is rg’s list of splashtexts:count)

duke.severn, appreciate it, didn’t think about this way, everything works

I think you marked the wrong post as the solution.

What are other options? )

You should make the post above from @duke.severn as the solution. I mean, I think that’s what you meant to do.

Currently, when I open this thread I see your own answer as the solution. I’m guessing it’s not what you intended?

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