Hide cell condition in RG issue

hello guys
I get an issue with RG I can’t figure out how to solve it,
this image explains what’s the issue

I have RG data source is Search for product

and the cell of RG is shown a product card with conditions


the issue as you see the product card it hides but does not collapse
i don’t want to use a constraint because i have other conditions that need to be shown and hidden based on conditions like this :

thank you

Try removing the min width from the RG cell and add it to the Group product.

I try this but it’s not working,
I try to check Set the fixed number of column but also not working

Hi @raedalghamdi5808,

Try the following RG config.

And instead grid spacing on the RG itself, use margins on the tiles/cards instead.

And that should enable collapsing a tile completely.



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@sudsy Thank you so much :blue_heart:
you saved my day

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