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Hide display of duplicate data in a dropdown

I am displaying data in a dropdown where the data in the field has duplicate entries. Iwould like to only display each duplicate entry once.

My dropdown is set to display values from a_dept so it displays ‘Dept 1’ twice because there are 2 records with Dept 1.

How do I limit the dropdown list to display ‘Dept 1’ only once.

Sorry if this is a silly question…I’m new here.


After you have entered your search in the drop down element, click in the input box again and you will see :unique as a term you can use. This will do what you want.

Can get slow on many thousand rows.

Thanks Nigel.

I now have :unique elements in the Choices Source however duplicates are still displaying.

Ah, yes you will need to have “type of choices” as Text instead of Approver.

However I would have thought you could use “Department” if it is a thing in its own right, rather than something somebody types in ?