Hide element from html code

Hello, Bubblers!

I have this problem, I can relate it to security (I guess…)

These are hidden (by condition or access role) groups, pop-ups or other elements that should not be displayed on the page until a “command is given”.

For example, I display blocks of text on the page records from the database, they are not editable, it makes sense.
I also added input fields so I can edit individual fields from the database and record changes. But I don’t want to display both text items and input fields at the same time, so I’ve hidden the group with input fields through the settings in the Designer.
The group with input fields is displayed or hidden by running the desired workflows (I put them in buttons). And the button for editing data, for example, should work (open input fields) only at a certain “status”, “state”. In other words, not all users have the right to edit data, but they can view it.

But what I’ve noticed is the simple ability to force the group with input fields to display directly from the browser console. It’s easy enough to find the required block in the HTML code and simply remove the “hidden” and “visibility” parameters. That’s all - the user can easily make changes in the database, almost without stressing. And that’s because hidden elements are displayed in html anyway. They are easy to get to. I have a question - is there any way to hide elements so that they are not visible even in html ? So that users wouldn’t be tempted to cheat on it?

It is possible, of course, to create a separate page for editing a record, with input fields for editing and redirect the user there, but this reduces the efficiency and efficiency in some cases. Sometimes you need to be able to both view and edit on the same page.
Also not suitable option with enabled/disabled input field - there is a similar situation - if you open browser console, you can remove editing restriction from input field and safely enter any data.

And complete hiding of item from html code - this is a security concern. I hope I explained everything in detail, I will be grateful for any help in this!

You might (should) want to take a look at the privacy rules in Bubble’s documentation and various threads around the forum. In addition to workflow rules for any type of database data change.

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