Fields set (automatically?) to invisible

I have 2 individuals whose circumstances seem the same. One of them can see the data on the page, the other can’t. When I run the app as the second one and I inspect the fields on the page, many of them seem to be invisible. Where should I look to see what is triggering that? I can provide screenshots, if that is helpful.
I am not a seasoned bubbler, and my understanding of databases and programming is a bit rusty, so please respond in layman’s terms :slight_smile:

Screenshots are always helpful.

I’ve got $5 that the root cause is a problem with privacy rules. (it gets me all the time)

Thanks! Where would I look for the privacy settings?

Try the Bubble manual, Amlie’s blog / books, @jj11 has a course, and there quite a few YouTube tutorials.

But I could be wrong that the root cause is privacy rules, but that’s where I first look.

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Okay, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue of privacy settings because different people with the same roles see different things (although maybe I’m missing something there.)
This is one field that is not showing up for one person:

And this is what I see in the debugging when I run as the person who is having trouble:

Where should I look to see what is causing the invisible setting?
(Another complication here is that I inherited this app from someone else, so I’m stepping in without documentation.)

There is a condition on the text element in the screenshot, does it hide the element by any chance?

If not, is the repeating group visible on the page when you took the screenshot of the debugger you sent?

Sorry for the delay in response: The condition on the text element in the screen shot is about hovering the mouse over it.
No, the repeating group is not visible on the page - that’s the problem. It might be there(?), but it is rendered invisible.

The texts inside the repeating group will be invisible if the repeating group isn’t visible.

I see that. I can’t figure out why the group is invisible for this user and not for any other.
In the meantime, we have deleted that user account and asked them to create another one. I do not yet have a report on whether the same issue is occurring with the new account.

What are the conditionals for

A: the repeating group being visible
B: the parent group of the repeating group (and the parent group of its parent, etc)

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