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Hide Group/form after user made review

Hi I face the following problem:

I want to allow users to review a video only once.

Meaning I have a form to evaluate the video content.

After the user pressed submit the following should happen:

1 - Hide the form
2 - When user goes back to the same page/video don’t show the form again for that video

So there are several videos which can be reviewed and rated but only once per user.

Do you have an idea how to solve that issue?

Thank you very much!


Hi Carsten,

You can have a list field on the user called “Reviewed Videos” that is a list of your Video data type. When Submit is clicked:

Action 1: Create Review (or whatever your process is for the actual review part)
Action 2: Hide Form
Action 3: Make a change to current user > Reviewed Videos add Video

However you’re referencing the video being reviewed, use that reference in Action 3. For example “Reviewed Videos add Current Page Video” if the page is type Video or “Reviewed Video add Current Cell’s Video” if in a repeating group. Hope this makes sense.

Then in the area where users see what they have to review, filter out this list field. For example, if it’s a repeating group, the source would be “Search for Videos” with a constraint “unique ID isn’t in Current User’s Reviewed Video’s unique ID”

Again, a few different ways to make this happen. Instead of having the list on the user, you could alternatively have a User list on the video Thing and add the User to that list instead, “Reviewed by” or something. So the Search for Videos constraint would instead be “Reviewed by doesn’t contain current User”

Let me know if you have any questions.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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Hey thank you for your answer.

I tried it but I have the issue (see screenshot). It asks me to add another attribute after unique_reviewd_gameplay_id

Do you know why?

I want to hide the whole group after the input has been submitted.

Does anyone have an idea?



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