How to filter items out of a repeating group when RG already made?

I have a repeating group of Users and I need to filter them by their availability dates. I’m using TopCal plugin which gets the available dates but I can’t pull/filter the dates from the initial repeating group search. I have to pull up the User’s dates from an element that goes in the cell of the repeating group.

How do I filter an item out of a repeating group? I can use a conditional (see below) to show whether it’s visible or not but that just leaves a blank space in the repeating group. I want that row cleared


Is the Group shown here, inside the RG?

Try on the RG itself. Either in the RG’s initial Datasource or more likely as a conditional or multiple conditionals. For each conditional when condition, you can give a unique datasource. The data source query can be exactly the same, but use “Search” so you can click and filter each conditional to suit your needs.

Not sure how complex the date/time + days needs to be in your situation, so maybe my suggestion isn’t feasible, but I’d start on the RG itself to make your rows disappear

Yes the group is inside the repeating group.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to set anything on the repeating group. The problem is that each user in the repeating group needs an element “GetAvailableTimeSlots” that has to be placed into the cell of the repeating group in order to get the availability times, like below. I think that is keeping me from filtering anything until after the repeating group is already produced

Still can’t figure this out

create a state or something you can change to what you want to filter to then in your workflow create a new action > element actions > repeating group > display list

this should also work off of a drop down list or input instead of state

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Thank you @doug.burden

I used your reply as a starting point to solve my problem. In order to set states based on data already produced by a repeating group I had to use a plugin called Orchestra. But basically it followed the logic of your reply. Thanks!

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