Horizontal responsiveness working!

I noticed that responsiveness is collapsing horizontally when hiding elements from the responsiveness tab. Anyone who tested out similarly? :smiley:

@peterj could you add the same feature with workflows? Hiding elements with workflows does not trigger the horizontal behavior.

I’m also surprised this feature release hasn’t been communicated!

Where’s this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I haven’t upgraded yet, wondering if that might the case.

Hide something in your responsive tab and you will see it in action.


Has this been confirmed to work in production?

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I have tried it and it’s working even in version 5 and in production. Using it now to collapse horizontally. There’s a drawback, you cannot use “When this group is not visible”. Tried to have a condition, “when group A is not visible, this should also be not visible” it turns out that this doesn’t work when the hidden rule is applied

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This has always worked when using a hiding rule in the responsiveness tab. The big issue is that it doesn’t work when using conditionals in the builder.


Yeah, I was a bit confused, because this has been working for me for since I started bubble a year or so ago.

But it’s very, very, easy to miss. And it’s also super confusing that hiding a group with a conditional in the editor and hiding a group with a hiding rule in the responsive editor works in different ways.

The hiding rule in the responsive editor is also broken for me, I need to hit enter and then click save for the value to be correct, if I don’t hit enter it saves the default value instead, but with the new value still visible in the input. Something to look out for if it’s a wider issue.

Very true. It is an easy miss. And that darn hiding rule… seems like it always has something wonky going on with it!