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[Solved] Group Tab 1 issues under responsive mode


I would like someone to check on Group Tab 1 content under responsive mode and check on the following issues:

  1. Group 1 Tab content seems to have a fixed with as indicated by the orange boarder. however the behavior is normal when under UI Builder mode.

  2. Group 1 Tab content is not visible under Hidden Elements. This means there is no way of working on Group 1 Tab content elements under responsive mode.

See below:

So, I think the “Group 1 Tab Content” is not hidden, so it wouldn’t show up in the Hidden Elements list. I just added the tab to a blank screen so I could poke around, but nothing was marked as “fixed width” when I brought it over, and the Tab 1 Content was the default (visible) group being shown. As far as I can tell, in my brand new app with brand new Tab element, everything is behaving normal.

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Hi Timothy, the responsive editor doesn’t have the same elements tree that the UI builder has. However, you can temporarily set your Group 1 to not be visible on page load in order to quickly hide/view it while using the responsive editor, and then change it back to being ‘visible on page load’ once you’ve finished updating the responsive settings for that Group. I’m not sure how large your Group 1 is by default, and what elements are inside of that group but since its minimum width is 30%, that could be the reason the width is not decreasing. Decreasing the minimum width percentage should decrease the width of that group when you make the page smaller in responsive.

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@potentialthings,try the following a your brand new group tab and you might see what I am talking about:
-go to mobile view under responsive mode and you will notice tab 1 content boarder "seems not to have adjusted with tab 2 and 3 content. Tab 1 may have adjusted in real sense but the brown board seems to remain in original position.

@fayewatson how do I include group 1 content under hidden elements? I have tried setting state of page load currenttab to 2. Its working under preview mode but under responsive mode i still can reveal/view elements inside group 1 tab content.

You would make Group 1 not visible on page load so uncheck this box in Group Tab 1 Content:

And then in the Responsive Editor, Group Tab 1 Content will now show up under Hidden Elements:

*Once you’ve finished editing the responsive settings, you can go back to the UI editor and make Group Tab 1 Content visible on page load.

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Oh thanks a lot

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