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Hiring SAAS Application Developer

Hey everyone. My name is Dylan and I am looking to hire a Bubble developer who can build an SAAS web app. This web app is not complicated by any standards but it is also not overly simple. Due to my background in marketing I know very little when it comes to web app development so I will need help with the whole process from start to finish.

I would prefer to hire a developer who is experienced with bubble and will not have issues when it comes to building the functionalities of the web app. That being said I am still open to hiring someone with just a moderate skill level. Keep in mind that the rate I am willing to pay will be reflectively of your level of expertise. I do not know exactly how many hours this project will take (I have an rough idea so don’t try to over charge me) and therefore I can not guarantee any particular number of hours of work per week. The developers that I hire will need to do any of the following: consultation, design, development, debugging/testing, support/troubleshooting, optimization, and all of which must be done quickly and with quality results.

If we do work together on this project and the end product is high quality and delivered on time then I would be more than happy to continue working with you and possibly bringing you on as an equity partner for future projects. I will also be glad to let you use me as a future reference. At the beginning of our work together I will have you sign an NDA and NCA but I will approve certain parts of the project to be shared in your portfolio such as the link to the home page.

To apply please send me an email at [email protected]. Please include some background info about yourself and links to your porfolio/past work. I will respond with the details of the web app and we can discuss hourly rates, project timelines, etc from there. I can pay you for hours worked on a weekly, bi-monthly, or even bi-weekly basis, whatever works for you. I usually pay through PayPal but I am open to using other payment options.

Thanks for taking the time to apply! - Dylan

Just as a heads up, you’re much more likely to have success hiring someone good if you share more details about what you’re working on.

Good developers are in very high demand and have a lot of options, so hopefully you can explain your project in a way that’ll attract developers with similar interests and skills.

Best of luck.

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It’s a scam post.

Why do you say that?


Have you checked out There are heaps of strong SAAS applications out there.

I would love to help you and I’m a fiersome wielder of bubble. Alas, I’m busy as a bee.
I’d be happy to have a chat to scope your project n refer you to someone.


The way it’s written. Long post that doesn’t really say anything. Trying to make it sound like a big thing with no specifics. The fact they want you to contact them through an outside email. That they’re trying to make themselves sound so knowledgeable about a different topic that maybe they could teach you all about. Intuition. Observation of other posts.

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I hear that @gnelson … and yet. I have found that some people adopt airs to seem more knowledgeable when feeling insecure. This individual is likely working for a smaller company. They seem to be needing help with the software end. Perhaps their business partner told them they need an SAAS solution. Mention of equity sounds like a startup. I don’t hold this against them. Time will tell my friend.

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Hey @ashley.benson.tait, thanks for your help. That would be great if you could connect me with someone that is perfect for the job. Would you like me to send you project overview documents or were you wanting to get on a call?

Hey there @ecomlife7.

Sure, pop me a gmail, my address is ashley.benson.tait

Have a good day!


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Just sent you an email! Thanks!

Hi Dylan,
I would be glad to assist you.
Please check your PM.
Anna J


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