Hiring to build an internal angellist/microacquire type marketplace for startups and investors


We are a boutique firm that helps startups fundraise by connecting investors (individual, HNWI, vc firms, family offices, etc. institutions) with founders, at various fundraising stages. Generally we handpick 8-10 pitches (from 100+ that we receive) a month, to enable us to prepare requisite documents for circulation, organizing pitch day, forming a syndicate, etc. and manage entire workflow for investment in each.

We want to scale our operations and digitize our entire workflow as much as possible. We want to be able to increase our dealflow to at least 3-5x our existing flow in next 6 months, and then further beyond.

In simple words we want to build something like an internal Angellist or an internal managed marketplace like microacquire, connecting investors with founders. We only need a web app. Mobile is not on our roadmap for now.

I want to mention that we’re accountants/strategic consultants and we have zero bubble experience or coding experience. One of our founders have pointed us to bubble 2-3 weeks ago and that’s when I began to research bubble. Maybe we can use a bubble template, maybe we can’t - I don’t have enough knowledge to make an informed decision.

Regardless we don’t want to build on our own and we’re looking for an agency or experienced freelancer who can help us. There will be simple integrations to 3rd party services like like circulating email for new pitch upload, payment gateway for certain one-time or recurring payments, etc.

Please send a message with something relevant to our use-case that you have built.



Hello @ts3707

I’m a full stack developer (6yrs exp) bubble developer (4 yrs exp). I’ve developed tons of beautiful and clicky fast apps on bubble for entrepreneurs, enterprises and internal apps for companies just like yours. I’d love to walk you through my bubble portfolio over a call.

Congratulations on finding about bubble! From my experience of building diverse apps over the years, I’m one of the few people who can confidently say that bubble powerful enough to support any feature that you’d need developed.

I would strongly suggest that you do not start with a template and invest in a custom build instead. I’d love to build a robust internal tool like Angellist or MicroAcquire or an even better tool, tailored exactly for your needs and with all the features and integrations you would need.

Let’s get on a call so I can walk you through my portfolio, discuss more about me, you and all your requirements. Here’s my calendar link - please find a suitable time for a call.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks and Regards,
Rohan Jain

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Thanks to everyone who has replied. I will revert to you all individually this week

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Hi @ts3707
This looks interesting! DMed you.