Hitting Enter/Return to submit multiline input instead of button

I can see that this has come up quite a lot in the past, and I have read most of the posts, but then a lot of them are old, so I hope I can get the best solution right now.

So the situation is that I have a multiline input and want the user to be able to submit the content and trigger a workflow rather than have to press a separate button to trigger the workflow.

I saw some documentation somewhere that said, that I should be able to trigger the workflow when the value changes. Perfect.

So my multiline input is imaginatively named “user input”, and I created a workflow trigger that says “user input’s value has changed”

But when I try it in preview, pressing enter simply takes the cursor in the multiline input to the next line.

Someone mentioned a plugin but another said it didn’t work.

Anyway, it’s a standard thing to want to do, so hope someone more experienced can point me the right direction.


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I have the same problem. Pressing “Ctrl + Enter” is the way for users to submit via the multiline input.

Could a developer change the behaviour of this please, or allow for an option for us to enable that the submission is made by “Enter” alone rather than “Ctrl + Enter”?

If we look at mainstream applications like Whatsapp Web, “Enter” alone submits while “Ctrl + Enter” creates a new line. Why is Bubble forcing the reverse?

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Pretty sure it’s shift + enter for new lines in most chat applications. It’s something that became common as desktop/web versions of mobile chat apps started popping up.

Ctrl + enter has been pretty standard in multiline inputs for years btw.

I am building a chat app though… so if Web Whatsapp and Web Telegram use “Enter” rather than “Ctrl + Enter”, that is what my users are going to expect!

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