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Hobby-Plan Auto-Downgrade (Again)

If it was indeed scheduled and sent on the 22nd, then I agree, though the changeover to Free didn’t seem to happen until 5/19. Now, I suppose there is a CHANCE that there was a delay in my getting the email caused by something other than Bubble (e.g., Sendgrid, email provider).

That said, I do agree it would’ve been better had there been additional posts and more time to make decisions. Since it was a freebie plan, I respect Bubble’s right to turn off the lights.

Simultaneously, given how widespread Hobby plan apps were and how long they’d been active, I’d have sure thought it was in Bubble’s best interests to give folks more time and awareness. As others have already observed, I’m curious how much of an impact the loss of the Hobby plan for plugin docs/how-to apps has had/will have in the near future.


RIP to plug-in developers who want to demo their plugins. My plugins were demoed on a hobby plan app.


Bubble clearly does not care about people they can’t make money off of.

Planning to maintain a single paid app for hobby projects, But there is pain in migration, Any help is appreciated on this thread - Maintain a single paid app for all hobby projects - Stuck in bubble ecosystem

I can confirm the same behaviour:

  • Apps on the legacy Free Plan were auto-converted to the new Free Plan
  • Live versions were deactivated
  • No prior email received (and not in spam)

So this comes as an unpleasant surprise.
Moreso that, like others, I thought this was planned for 2024.


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