Holy Batman... Robin!

Nested Views for types in the App Data tab!!! Yes please (and thank the Bubble gods).

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 12.51.54 PM

Now then… could we just get the scroll issue fixed next. If I accidentally click the wrong data type I have to re-scroll down the list of data types to find it again?

Thank you to whichever Bubble dev pushed this beauty out today!


This is MUCH better :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:


Now then… could we just get the scroll issue fixed next

I think that was fixed with this rollout too, but let us know if it wasn’t!


It broke all my sequences now… :sweat_smile:
Can we have the chance to come back to the old way (on-off toggle) @tj-bubble ?
It used to take me 2 seconds to work with my 15 most used fields, now I have to scroll for hours… Have we increased our productivity ?

BEFORE: (super organized)

NOW: (complete mess or maybe something I missed?)

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Thanks for bringing this up John, we are definitely planning on iterating to make this UX better and this was just the first phase. Will bring this up with our product / design team and see when we can address this concern!


the “my apps”, and “my plugins” is worse too :frowning:

who asked for pagination?.. geez

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Hi @tj-bubble

I think this last comment is constructive.

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Thanks for flagging, and I agree it’s constructive. Will follow up!


I agree. I HATE this change. Like you, I had things organized to be more efficient. Not only does this screw things up., the new sequence doesn’t even make sense. @tj-bubble Please change this back or provide the option to turn this off!

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No offence to anyone here or your decision to label Data Types in a certain way but traditional developers don’t organize data this way, which is why in my original post I was thrilled to see this change and it was very helpful to all of our applications.

That being said, I do agree with the sentiment here that Bubble changed something without notice to users (which if you are noting is there status quo policy). I think they should have given a lot of notice or kept the old functionality along side the new.

The traditional way to organize Data Types is not by using numbers like 1, 2,3, 4 but by schemas. So you might use an “Inventory” schema like this: InventoryItems, InventoryProducts, InventoryPrices, such that all of your inventory tables show up together.

This is almost exactly how mine was setup. This update was a train wreck.


It’s not necessarily to group them together, but in a sequence that makes sense. The list is alphabetized, but tables aren’t always named alphabetically. These views were designed with the intention of renaming them as needed, otherwise the ability to rename as new ones were created wouldn’t have existed. We aren’t naming the tables 1, 2, 3…, only certain views. This ability was taken away without receiving any input from the users.

This was a complete fail.

Again, this in no way a criticism but we deal with hundreds of tables and a very large number of views in large applications and never once have we used a schema in views or databases to organize a “view” or a data type by numbers. It just isn’t done.

Maybe for “no code” this has become a thing but in all of the years of development in hundreds of applications I’ve never seen any type of organization structure by numbers.

And they aren’t in alphabetical order. Bubble decides what sequence they should be in. There’s no way to defend this change. “That’s the way it’s always been done” isn’t a reason. If it was, then Bubble wouldn’t even exist.