Not enjoying the new Database Tree organisation in the DB screen

I can’t see any release notes for this - anyone see a way to turn this off?

Like a lot of users, I keep the tables I am always going into, at the top of the screen, usually with a number 1 to keep them at the top.

Unless Bubble have released a way of pinning a table to the top so it’s first, am not impressed with this release. IMO it should have been an experimental feature with feedback.


There’s a search bar at the top of the list of data types - I just use this and then I don’t need to faff around with naming anything to sort :woman_shrugging:

Forcing a user to search when they previously could just click the first table - yep!


You are absolutely right @cowontherun. I wrote about this today. It affects our productivity. I will spend more time now calling the same fields one by one over and over again. :pray:

Maybe I was the only one among all Bubble users to be organized? :sweat_smile:

Apparently not.


@cowontherun That’s how I figured it out, by putting numbers everywhere for a quick search. Can’t put only one number as Bubble start searching after the second entry.

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The bigger problem here is that:

  1. a SaaS introduced their own system of organisation without warning
  2. the SaaS ignored user’s existing systems
  3. the SaaS failed to offer the same system quality that was previously available (1 click as opposed to 1 click > search > 1 click)
  4. the SaaS failed to innovate to compensate (eg. offering the ability to pin regularly used tables)
  5. the SaaS does not test the app as ‘Users’ or ‘Freelancers’, otherwise they would have recognised a degrade in UX for power users before releasing

I’m usually a Bubble advocate but this is a change management fail.


@cowontherun I completely agree.

I realize that this SaaS some times disregards that our systems are being used by final users/clients and that we (as paying customers of this SaaS) cannot generate a feeling of instability by “not knowing” what is the next step of the SaaS road map decisions, which we will only know when it is executed without any prior planning.

This same SaaS needs to behave as it is: A provider of a robust NoCode solution that serves the WORLD! Therefore, they must think about all variables and their customers from all over the WORLD.

Like you I am a Bubble advocate as well. what must be said cannot be left aside.
Well, respectfully, these are comments aimed at the growth of the NoCode provider itself.

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Not downplaying the inconvenience it has caused others but i much prefer this new categorization. Takes away the trouble of having to rename things just to put data types close together.

It would also make more sense for this to be a default if Bubble wants to attract more new users to the platform, especially those that have little to no experience building apps/websites.


@cowontherun I agree with you 100% here. COMPLETE FAIL!!!

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We should be able to name our views in the manner that works best for us. This should not have changed. I NEVER use the ALL…view. I break them up in various manners according to need. Now I’m forced to not only see the ALL…views, bit to scroll past them to look for a view that is no longer where it was before. There isn’t a single advantage to this change. NOT ONE!

Just gonna end off by saying that this update is useful to some and not to others and Bubble should just make the old way an option.