Hiding rules in responsive setting vs. Conditional visibility with page width

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What would be the different between setting a hiding rules in responsive setting and doing it in conditional tab? Performance wise which one is preferable?


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I don’t believe there is really a difference, but I may be wrong. I usually use the hide element option in the responsive editor because then if I need to remove a rule it’ll show up on the left sidebar.

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My feeling is just as you said, they are the same. But I would love to here confirmation from the Bubble team @josh


@eve, maybe you can help with confirmation?

No performance win with one over the other, generally the same! We’re working towards deprecating the rules in the responsive tab, so conditionals are going to be the more long-term-friendly option.

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Thanks Eve! Good to know

They have an important difference (that I hate).

If you hide an element via the “Conditional” option, the element disappears, but the space where it was still exists. Therefore, the rest of the page elements will not realign because they will assume there is still something in that blank space.

If you hide an element via “Responsive” tab, the “blank/ghost” space disappears. And the rest of the elements will realign themselves.

I already talked about it here in the forum…

Note that I am talking about WIDTH.



Forgot about that!

You are absolutely right :+1:t2:

… spent countless hours in one app back in the day … because of that :rofl: … learned about it by sweating blood :drop_of_blood::rofl:

Me too!!! :rofl:

I made this video to ilustrate:



Wow, this is gold.

Thanks guys!

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@rpetribu is totally right i spent few hours to figure out the difference too :joy: :joy: :joy: and this difference can be very useful in some responsive scenario!

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