Horizontal Scroll for group?

Hi! Can we make a regular group (not repeating group) or floating group to have horizontal scrolling while other elements keep in place?


Searching through the forums before asking helps us keep the clutter down :wink:

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Hi. Already searched before I posted but I got not answer for my question. All the posts before was about repeating groups.

If ever you got the answer or even the link for the answer, will be glad to hear it from you. :slight_smile:

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Didn’t notice that. Thank you. To achieve this in horizontal, I’ll just change the y to x right? will it work if the page is responsive? Let’s say when in full 1200 view, nothing is overflowing. when changed to 375px, floating group will automatically overflow.

In theory, yes. Let us know!

tried it. it works on web browser using laptop but not on iphone.

That’s interesting. I’ll have to play around with it. In the meantime, I’ve used single-cell repeating group horizontal scroll elements to display horizontal scrolling groups before. Not in a long time, but maybe that works on mobile as a workaround.

I’m with him, can’t find anything on the forum or Google.

Have you tried setting a larger fixed/min width for the inner group?

I, too, like responding to messages from 2019! :man_shrugging:


I’ve solved this

Use an HTML element with something like
< style>
overflow-x: scroll !important;

/* Hide scrollbar for Chrome, Safari and Opera */
#hscroll:-webkit-scrollbar {
display: none;

/* Hide scrollbar for IE, Edge and Firefox /
-ms-overflow-style: none; /
IE and Edge /
scrollbar-height: none; /
Firefox */
< /style>"

(remove the spaces before < style> at start and < /style> at end)


Thanks @jackbrandt788, that worked for me. Thanks for answering, since this question is still being returned when I search for the issue on Google.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Great, happy to hear!

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FYI, this works for text items that have a predictable width. If you want to do it for elements that are variable width (eg chips), it’s a bit more problematic.

There’s probably a feature request here for Bubble.

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It’s not working out for me. I’m trying this in relation to this post.

I’ve got the rich text inside a group, the group is fixed width and got an ID. I set the CSS in the HTML header:

#description{overflow-x: scroll !important;}

And yet nothing.

Yes! we can make regular group horizontal scrolling, through the adding code.

If you only want to scroll text horizontally, you can implement it by using an input form.
This is not the way it is supposed to be used, and it is quite easy to use, although no scrollbars appear.

You should try responding to 2019 from 2024. It’s wild. Very clear from here.