Repeating group horizontal scroll with a responsive mode is not 100%

I’m facing an issue where I can’t use horizontal scroll on with repeating group. My page width is 1200px and I have have repeating group that is 1200px with 7 columns for week days. For some reason it’s not full width? Is this a knows bug or am I missing something here

Could you share a bit more on what you mean by not full width? (A few screenshots may help. Feel free to send in a message if you prefer not to share publicly).

Just to make sure, is your current browser window 1200px wide? Or is the page stretched beyond that? (If it is, and you have “Apply a max width when the page is stretched” checked, it’ll stay at 1200px)

Hey! I should have right settings for this. Not sure what is causing it…

Your first screen shot is a bit too closely cropped (better to see it in the scope of the full tab).

To be sure, is your page set to not be “fixed width”? That sounds like the likely culprit.

Feel free to send me a link to your editor in a message and I’ll take a closer look.

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