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Hotjar tracking code deployment issue

Some times when I deploy my app the tracking in Hotjar becomes deactivated. The tracking code is in the header section of the settings page. I contacted Hotjar and they said unless I remove the tracking code it should work. How can I fix this?

When you want people to help you for things like this, you need to share a link to your app, at least in run mode. Otherwise no one can really help.

What is run mode and how much of the app is visible to the public?

Run mode means the page URL when you run the app. Basically anything that lets others test a bit.

Well you should check with them, it’s definitely added to the HTML.

Thanks for checking. I will ask them.

They asked, when you deploy, try to verify that you’re always including the script. Perhaps you’re making changes to the script during deployment. Do you make any changes to script during deployment?

I wrote back, I don’t change the script during deployment. I keep the same tracking code script.

Am I correct or am I missing something?

@emmanuel am I correct or am I missing something?

We don’t change anything during deployment, and the HTML snippet is there.